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Patient Care Phone
Mail Code
Adamyan, Aram Stu Rsdnc Halls aadamyan@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0403 1.0
O'Neil, Courtney L. Lecturer cloneil@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0432 1.0
Wilson, Natalie A. Lecturer naw024@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0523 1.0
Steinberg, Stacy A. Lecturer ststeinberg@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0
Falcon, Jennifer A. Lecturer jfalcon@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0
Given, William A. Lecturer wgiven@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0523 1.0
Grant, Melinda G. Lecturer mggrant@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0523 1.0
Kao, Ling-chih Program Coord (858) 534-6177 l3kao@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0
Bolin, Jillian A. Lecturer jibolin@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0
Chandler, Bailee D. Lecturer bchandler@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0
Tiernan, Christa M. Lecturer (858) 822-3862 cmtiernan@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0175W 1.0
Jones, William J. Lecturer wjjones@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0344 1.0
Eastin, Schuyler E. Lecturer seastin@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0523 1.0
Tsurska Svetina, Olena Lecturer oltsurska@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0
Zroka, Amy L. Lecturer azroka@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0321 1.0
Heiser, Jerrod A. Lecturer jheiser@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0410 1.0
Ajo, Frances B. Lecturer fajo@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0
Ejmont, Sylwia D. Lecturer sejmont@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0
Kolodezh, Samuel Lecturer skolodezh@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0523 1.0
Haugh, Megan N. Lecturer mhaugh@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0
Gilmore, Lauren M. Lecturer lmgilmore@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0
Gilbert, Peter W. Lecturer pwgilbert@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0523 1.0
Gonzales, Pauline M. (Paulina) Curriculum Coord/Lecturer (858) 534-1384 p6gonzales@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0
Vaughn, Kelsey S. Lecturer k1vaughn@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0523 1.0
Bauer, Holly J. Assoc Director (858) 534-1387 hbauer@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0
Kilfoil, Carrie B. Lecturer ckilfoil@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0
Hall, Graham T. Lecturer gthall@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0
Setoda, Kayleigh K. Lecturer ksetoda@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0
Christie, Veronica A. Lecturer vechristie@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0
Gocsik, Karen M. Director (858) 534-6177 kgocsik@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0523 1.0
Traylor, Niesha R. HR/AP Analyst (858) 534-0949 rndiaye@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0113 1.0
Defrance, Robert S. Lecturer rdefrance@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0523 1.0
Dilworth, Ryan Tutor rydilworth@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0
Bell, Katrina M. Lecturer kmbell@ucsd.edu ANALYTICAL WRIT 0423 1.0

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