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Patient Care Phone
Mail Code
Klein, Dennis M. Assoc Campus Counsel dklein@ucsd.edu CAMPUS COUNSEL 0097 1.0
Tarantello, Lauren (McGill) Assoc Counsel (858) 249-3449 ltarantello@ucsd.edu CAMPUS COUNSEL 0933 1.0
Suskauer, Sarah E. Pr Counsel (858) 249-3448 ssuskauer@ucsd.edu CAMPUS COUNSEL 0933 1.0
Najera, Asia C. Executive Asst (858) 249-3400 acnajera@ucsd.edu CAMPUS COUNSEL 0933 1.0
Mangan, Katherine M. (Kate) Counsel kmangan@ucsd.edu CAMPUS COUNSEL 0097 1.0
Marsich, Veronica A. Chief Hlth Counsel (858) 249-3401 vmarsich@ucsd.edu CAMPUS COUNSEL 0933 1.0
Mueller, Natalie Assoc Counsel (858) 249-3588 nvmueller@ucsd.edu CAMPUS COUNSEL 0933 1.0
Morreale, Julia L. Contact/Legal Spec (858) 249-4459 jmorreale@ucsd.edu CAMPUS COUNSEL 0933 1.0
Brandenburg, Steven M. (Steve) Pr Counsel (858) 249-3450 smbrandenburg@ucsd.edu CAMPUS COUNSEL 0933 1.0
Park, Daniel W. Chf Cam Counsel dpark@ucsd.edu CAMPUS COUNSEL 0097 1.0

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