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Patient Care Phone
Mail Code
Salinas, Francisco Program Coord (858) 822-4255 frsalinas@ucsd.edu STU AF-EAOP 0305B 1.0
Oshiro, Daniel C. Student Asst STU AF-EAOP 0305B 1.0
Ojeda, Monserrat Student Asst moojeda@ucsd.edu STU AF-EAOP 0305B 1.0
Velasco, Katherine Student Asst kavelasco@ucsd.edu STU AF-EAOP 0305B 1.0
Hwang, Iris Student Asst ijhwang@ucsd.edu STU AF-EAOP 0305B 1.0
Hernandez, Rafael S. Comm/Family Dir (858) 822-3772 rshernandez@ucsd.edu STU AF-EAOP 0305B 0.25
Padilla, Daniela Acad Prep Spec/K-14 (858) 822-0588 dapadilla@ucsd.edu STU AF-EAOP 0305B 0.25
Valderrama, Edwin Acad Prep Spec (858) 246-3043 edvalderrama@ucsd.edu STU AF-EAOP 0305B 0.25
Fernandez, Ryan Acad Prep Spec (858) 822-3850 r2fernandez@ucsd.edu STU AF-EAOP 0305B 0.25
Gilkison, Thomas X. Asst Director (760) 791-6248 tgilkison@ucsd.edu STU AF-EAOP 0305B 0.25
Zepeda, Ernesto Learning Sklls Cnslr (760) 791-6248 erzepeda@ucsd.edu STU AF-EAOP 0305B 0.25

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