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Patient Care Phone
Mail Code
Carrera, Jennifer T. Pr EEG Techno EPILEPSY PROGRA 7740 1.0
Willson, Thomas T. EEG Techno EPILEPSY PROGRA 8740 1.0
Quinlan, Cass R. EEG Techno cquinlan@ucsd.edu EPILEPSY PROGRA 7740 1.0
Zepeda, Marlene Admin Spec (858) 249-0341 (858) 657-6028 mxzepeda@ucsd.edu EPILEPSY PROGRA 0878 1.0
Alvarado, Juan M. EEG Techno j2alvarado@ucsd.edu EPILEPSY PROGRA 7740 1.0
Kuhn, Lindsey Admin Spec (858) 657-7415 lkuhn@ucsd.edu EPILEPSY PROGRA 7740 1.0
Brown, Robert E. Pr EEG Techno EPILEPSY PROGRA 8465 1.0
Curiel, Nadia P. Hosp Asst ncuriel@ucsd.edu EPILEPSY PROGRA 7740 1.0
Anthony, Elyssa C. EEG Techno ecanthony@ucsd.edu EPILEPSY PROGRA 8465 1.0
Daraban-Najar, Michelle R. EEG Techno EPILEPSY PROGRA 8740 1.0
Guerrero, Erika Admin Asst EPILEPSY PROGRA 7740 1.0
Bercow, Rosaria Admin Asst (858) 657-6622 rbercow@ucsd.edu EPILEPSY PROGRA 7740 1.0
Villarino, Katie A. Clinical Nurse k3villarino@ucsd.edu EPILEPSY PROGRA 7740 1.0
Frazier, Debbie J. Pr EEG Techno dfrazier@ucsd.edu EPILEPSY PROGRA 7740 1.0
Buford, Lauchlin M. EEG Techno EPILEPSY PROGRA 8740 1.0
Ramirez, Jessica V. EEG Techno EPILEPSY PROGRA 8740 1.0
Leon, Monica EMG Tech (619) 543-6662 EPILEPSY PROGRA 8465 1.0
Kavousi, Maryam Pr EEG Techno EPILEPSY PROGRA 8740 1.0
Burger, Kelly M. Neurodiagnostic Svc Supv kburger@ucsd.edu EPILEPSY PROGRA 7740 1.0

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