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Patient Care Phone
Mail Code
Limon, Fabiola Sr MRI Tech (858) 657-6671 facarvalho@ucsd.edu HILLCREST MRI 7756 1.0
Serrano, Jene Hosp Asst jserrano@ucsd.edu HILLCREST MRI 8756 1.0
Joseph, Patrick MRI Tech (858) 657-6674 pajoseph@ucsd.edu HILLCREST MRI 8756 1.0
Rivera, Francisco Pr Radiologic Tech (619) 543-6148 f1rivera@ucsd.edu HILLCREST MRI 8756 1.0
Yencho, Stephen J. MRI Technologist syencho@ucsd.edu HILLCREST MRI 8756 1.0
Wisneski, Chris E. Hosp Asst (619) 543-5217 cwisneski@ucsd.edu HILLCREST MRI 8756 1.0
Narvaez, Renne Hosp Asst (619) 543-5212 rnarvaez@ucsd.edu HILLCREST MRI 8756 1.0
Newton, Jayson L. MRI Technologist jlnewton@ucsd.edu HILLCREST MRI 8756 1.0
Zoellick, Jacqueline M. MRI Technologist jzoellick@ucsd.edu HILLCREST MRI 8756 1.0
Curry, Jodie MRI Supv (619) 543-7084 jacurry@ucsd.edu HILLCREST MRI 8756 1.0
London, Isabella Clinical Nurse (619) 543-7265 ilondon@ucsd.edu HILLCREST MRI 8378 1.0
Pechner, Jennifer MRI Chief Tech (619) 543-2947 jeberry@ucsd.edu HILLCREST MRI 8756 1.0
Pirasteh, Zahras MRI Technologist zpirasteh@ucsd.edu HILLCREST MRI 8756 1.0

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