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Patient Care Phone
Mail Code
Nyheim, Elizabeth E. (Ellen) Director (619) 543-6900 enyheim@ucsd.edu NURSING ADMIN 8929 1.0
Grob, Felma L. Hosp Asst (619) 543-3776 fgrob@ucsd.edu NURSING ADMIN 8692 1.0
Yergens, Chris HBO Tech (619) 543-5222 NURSING ADMIN 8688 1.0
Amer Davis, Stacy Nurse Manager (619) 543-5222 NURSING ADMIN 8688 1.0
Alessi, Deborah Admin Asst (619) 543-5222 NURSING ADMIN 8688 1.0
Bennett, Debra E. Admin Nurse (619) 543-7457 dbennett@ucsd.edu NURSING ADMIN 8929 1.0
Jackson, Marcia G. Exec Asst (858) 249-5537 mgjackson@ucsd.edu NURSING ADMIN 7984 1.0

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