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Patient Care Phone
Mail Code
Maestas, Alice E. Sr Voc Nurse aemaestas@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 8681 1.0
Velarde, Sarai Med Asst (619) 543-3999 svelarde@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 8681 1.0
Richards, Xochitl Medical Asst xrichards@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 7241 1.0
Ballard, Craig R. Pharmacist OWEN CLINIC 8765 1.0
Anguiano, Monserrath B. Sr Voc Nurse mbanguiano@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 8681 1.0
Lugtu, Christopher J. Per Diem Nurse cjlugtu@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 8681 1.0
Vu, Gina Vocational Nurse gvu@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 8681 1.0
Thompson, Courtney J. Nurse Spec (619) 471-9224 cothompson@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 8681 1.0
Guzman, Gabriela Hosp Asst (619) 543-3995 gfguzman@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 8681 1.0
Brown, Catherine A. Clin Social Wkr (619) 543-3540 cab010@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 8918 1.0
Abulhosn, Kari K. Pharmacist (619) 543-3714 kabulhosn@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 8681 1.0
Morrisey, Robin Ambul Care Pat Mgr rmorrisey@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 8681 1.0
Kawi, Jonathan O. Sr Voc Nurse jkawi@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 8681 1.0
Lacdan, Aries J. (Jay) Sr LVN ajlacdan@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 0945 1.0
Furland, Jessica M. Clin Social Wkr jfurland@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 8918 1.0
Ramirez, Karla Hosp Asst k1ramirez@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 8201 1.0
Tessimond, Rebecca L. Medical Asst rtessimond@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 7241 1.0
Villarruel, Maria Admin Asst (619) 543-2680 mgvillarruel@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 8681 1.0
Rio-Garcia, Dulce S. Medical Asst driogarcia@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 8681 1.0
Davis, Jessica Vocational Nurse PD jed004@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 8201 1.0
Casas, Roman S. Sr Voc Nurse rscasas@ucsd.edu OWEN CLINIC 8681 1.0

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