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Patient Care Phone
Mail Code
Crisalli, Marina C. Admin Asst (858) 657-8551 mcrisalli@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0972 1.0
Prijoles, Jermie V. Medical Asst jprijoles@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0972 1.0
Couey, Joyce A. Clinical Nurse jcouey@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0885 1.0
Banuelos, Gabriela V. Per Diem Nurse gbanuelos@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0885 1.0
Avalos, Hilda G. Admin Asst havalos@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0972 1.0
Valencia, Maricela Vocational Nurse mavalencia@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0885 1.0
Salcedo, Ines Medical Asst (858) 657-8745 isalcedo@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0972 1.0
Vannest, Arlene M. Clinical Nurse (858) 657-8526 avannest@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0972 1.0
Sanchez, Sandra Hosp Asst (858) 249-6732 s1sanchez@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0885 1.0
Thompson, Kathleen A. Clin Nurse-Supv kat062@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0972 1.0
Diaz De Leon, Guadalupe Med Asst (858) 657-8527 REPRODUCTIVE ME 0972 1.0
Mccoy, Tracey L. Medical Asst (858) 657-8574 tlmccoy@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0972 1.0
Hernandez-Robles, Sabrina M. Asst Medical s9hernandezrobles@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0885 1.0
Beck, Jennifer L. Admin Asst jlanum@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0885 1.0
Garcia, Maria E. Clin Supp Assoc (619) 231-9300 me2garcia@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 7612 1.0
Aleman, Miguel A. Ambul Care Pat Supv m1aleman@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0885 1.0
Malone, Donna Medical Asst domalone@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 8663 1.0
Zendejas, Veronica M. Hosp Asst vzendejas@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0885 1.0
Morales, Nora Y. Medical Asst nymorales@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0972 1.0
O'Neil, Brenda Medical Asst boneil@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0972 1.0
Mariscal, Carina Asst Medical cmariscal@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0885 1.0
Villegas, Ruth E. Ambul Care Admin Supv rvillegas@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0885 1.0
Bass, Danniha L. Asst Medical dlbass@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0885 1.0
Verduzco, Alma Admin Asst alverduzco@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0972 1.0
Ralph, Donna M. Asst Medical (619) 657-8745 dralph@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0972 1.0
Alonso, Veronica Asst Medical (858) 657-8745 valonso@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0972 1.0
Gutsche, Jessica Per Diem Nurse jgutsche@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0972 1.0
Dieguez, Victoria Medical Asst vdieguez@ucsd.edu REPRODUCTIVE ME 0885 1.0

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