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Patient Care Phone
Mail Code
Raychaudhuri, Arohi Student Asst arraychaudhuri@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175 1.0
Heinrichsen, Erilynn T. Asst Dir/Engaged Teaching (858) 246-1961 erusso@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0402 1.0
Viaud, Karina M. Assoc Dir/Engaged Teaching (858) 246-2624 kviaud@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0402 1.0
Garcia-Medina, Julia A. Tutor Coord jgarciamedina@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0341 1.0
Mendez, Edith Internship Counselor (858) 534-4355 e4mendez@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175-W 1.0
Do, Katrina P. Student Asst k6do@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175W 1.0
Tran, Hugh Student Asst hut004@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0001 1.0
Wei, Lillian L. Student Asst llwei@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0001 1.0
Pelimiano, Maria (Mabel) Admin Asst (858) 534-3817 mpelimiano@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0402 1.0
Ton, Lisa K. Student Asst TEACHING/LEARNI 0175W 1.0
Herd, John W. Digital Learning Admin jwherd@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0557 1.0
Stacklin, Martha J. Stu Acad Spec mstacklin@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0001 1.0
El-Maleh, Leena K. Admin Asst lelmaleh@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175 1.0
Homrich, Jennifer L. Internship Counselor (858) 246-2719 jhomrich@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175W 1.0
Navarro, Joshua R. Writing Tutor Coord j6navarro@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0963 1.0
Nelson, Laurel R. Asst Director (858) 822-7887 lrnelson@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175W 1.0
Rogers, Tyler J. Edu Equity Data Spec tjrogers@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0402 1.0
Tolson, Joel D. Educ Data Equity Spec jdtolson@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175-W 1.0
Kong, Linghang Reader l3kong@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175 1.0
Relaford-Doyle, Josephine J. Education Spec (858) 246-5378 jrelaford@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0402 1.0
Schalit, Kayla Student Asst kaschalit@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0001 1.0
Reyes, Maria L. (Luisa) Spec Projects Coord (858) 822-1992 m7reyes@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175-W 1.0
Perez, Cindy J. Ed Tech/Learn Syst Spec (858) 246-5504 cjp013@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175-W 1.0
Yan, April Learning Anl Spec yuyan@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0402 1.0
Avalos, Angel Student Asst TEACHING/LEARNI 0175W 1.0
Barron Galvan, Karla alejandra Assessment Spec kbarrongalvan@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175-W 1.0
Kertz, Laura J. Dir Educ Res/Assess Hub (858) 822-4949 lkertz@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0402 1.0
Giffin, Laura B. Sr Instructional Designer lgiffin@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175-W 1.0
Johari, Aryan Student Asst arjohari@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175W 1.0
Buck-Coleman, Audra Assoc Dir/Changemaker (858) 534-0285 abuckcoleman@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0001 1.0
Mattos, Nicholas L. Sr Instructional Designer nmattos@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175-W 1.0
Nevarez, Briana Student Asst TEACHING/LEARNI 0175W 1.0
Ruiter, David A. Faculty Director (858) 534-3958 druiter@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175-w 1.0
Sharp, Chrissy Stu Acad Mgr chsharp@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0001 1.0
Salaniwal, Arul Student Asst arsalaniwal@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0001 1.0
Hook-Held, Shawna S. Engaged Lrng Tools Spec (858) 246-3235 sheld@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175W 1.0
Flammer, Karen R. Dir/Digital Learning (858) 246-2715 kflammer@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175W 1.0
Wilcox, Stephen P. Sr Instr Designer spwilcox@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175-W 1.0
Pham, Ginah Admin Asst gipham@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0963 1.0
Sandoval, Carolyn L. Assoc Director (858) 246-3236 c2sandoval@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0402 1.0
Macz De La Torre, Maricruz Stu Acad Mgr mmaczdelatorre@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175W 1.0
Taylor Oliveira, Tricia D. Dir/Acad Internship Prog (858) 534-7892 ttaylor@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175W 1.0
Solomon, Mackenzie J. Marketing Spec mjsolomon@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175W 1.0
Cha, April Sr Instral Designer (858) 534-0315 apcha@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175W 1.0
Lyons, Robbie D. Stu Acad Spec rdlyons@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175W 1.0
Manley, Nicole Student Asst nimanley@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0001 1.0
Schier, Marie D. SI Coordinator mschier@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175-W 1.0
Hadjipieris, Paul A. Teach/Learn Dev Spec (858) 246-2861 phadjipieris@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0402 1.0
Campbell, Melissa Engaged Lrng Tools Spec (858) 246-2486 mcampbell@ucsd.edu TEACHING/LEARNI 0175W 1.0

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