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Patient Care Phone
Mail Code
Baker, Michael J. Electrician mjb006@ucsd.edu FACILITIES MGMT 0908E 1.0
Becker, Michael D. Trauma Tech (619) 543-6400 mibecker@ucsd.edu EMERGENCY SVCS 8665 0.60000002150204
Boyer, Michael J. Admin Analyst (858) 534-2024 m1boyer@ucsd.edu INNOVATION/COMM 0910 0.60000002150204
Baskes, Michael I. Adjt Professor mbaskes@ucsd.edu MECH/AEROSPC EN 0411 0.60000002150204
Booker, Michael T. Resident Physician mtbooker@ucsd.edu RADIOLOGY 8756 0.60000002150204
Baker, Richard W. Postdoc Employee ribaker@ucsd.edu CELLULAR MOLEC 0694 0.5178571217390678

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