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Patient Care Phone
Mail Code
Carreno, Melissa Admin Asst (858) 543-6350 mcarreno@ucsd.edu WEST WING PSYCH 8620 1.0
Correia, Melissa A. Clinical Nurse macorreia@ucsd.edu 6EAST 8614 0.5714285399607779
Barrido, Melissa J. Clinical Nurse mjbarrido@ucsd.edu THN POST ANESTH 7784 0.5714285399607779
Farrell, Alissa M. Admin Spec (858) 534-0933 afarrell@ucsd.edu STRUCTL ENGR 0085 0.11309519286028491
Carrier, Carissa A. Staff Res Assoc (619) 543-2442 ccarrier@ucsd.edu PEDIATRICS 8450 0.0892856749509724

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