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Patient Care Phone
Mail Code
Huang, Yunjing (Cassidy) Staff Res Assoc (909) 634-0258 DIV BIOLOGICAL 0347 1.0
Huang, Yu-ming Postdoc Employee yuh155@ucsd.edu PHARMACOLOGY 0365 0.5416666443187838
Huang, Wan-ting Pharmacy Resident wah007@ucsd.edu PHARMACY 8765 0.51785712050926
Huang, Chun-ming E. (Eric) Assoc Adjt Prof chh001@ucsd.edu DERMATOLOGY 0869 0.51785712050926
Hwang, Hyunjun D. Student Asst hdhwang@ucsd.edu GEISEL LIBRARY 0018 0.3178571562658726
Zhuang, Yuerong Prog Analyst (619) 471-9005 yuzhuang@ucsd.edu DECISION SUPPT 8904 0.3178571562658726
Zhang, Wenjing Postdoc Fellow (858) 534-6079 wez182@ucsd.edu LUDWIG INSTITUT 0753 0.15357145538888803
Chang, Yu ling (Linda) Staff Res Assoc ylc002@ucsd.edu DERMATOLOGY 0869 0.14166668231018467
Zhang, Yingjin , Dr. Professor (858) 534-5991 yinzhang@ucsd.edu LITERATURE 0410 0.11785715850066088
Zhang, Lunfeng Postdoc Employee luz057@ucsd.edu MEDICINE 0613 0.11785715850066088
Jiang, Lingjing Statistician FAM MED/PUBLIC 0725 0.11785715850066088

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