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Patient Care Phone
Mail Code
Wang, Jing Professor (858) 534-5597 jw800@ucsd.edu NEUROBIOLOGY 0368 1.0
Yang, Jing Professor (858) 534-1994 jiyang@ucsd.edu PHARMACOLOGY 0819 0.75
Wang, Ling Resident Physician PATHOLOGY 8720 0.5624999869910834
Wang, Ying Postdoc Employee yiw013@ucsd.edu DERMATOLOGY 0869 0.5624999869910834
Tang, Ying Jr Specialist yit052@ucsd.edu PHYSICS 0354 0.3124999869910834
Yang, Bing Sr Clin Lab Tech Spec (858) 657-5744 biyang@ucsd.edu IMMUNOGEN/TRANS 7731 0.3124999869910834
Weng, Ning Postdoc Fellow n1weng@ucsd.edu MEDICINE 0635 0.3124999869910834

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