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Chinese Studies Program

All students that are interested in learning Mandarin Chinese are REQUIRED to take a PLACEMENT TEST BEFORE can be authorized for enrollment in their first CHIN course at UCSD. Instructions on how to take a placement test are available on-line: http://chinesestudies.ucsd.edu/language/index.html#plac ement_info. Instructors will only be available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to offer placement interviews during office hours as reflected on that Chinese Studies Program webpage.

Chinese Studies (CHIN )

As of: 04/01/2022, 04:11:00

Course Number Section ID
Meeting Type
Section Days Time Building & Room
Instructor Seats  
Available Limit
10AN First Yr Chinese/Non-Native I ( 5 Units)
Prerequisites  |  Resources |  Evaluations
LE B00 TuTh 2:00p-3:20p RCLAS R30 Cha, Samuel
50777 TU B01 MWF 9:00a-9:50a RCLAS R23 Cha, Samuel
50778 TU B02 MWF 1:00p-1:50p RCLAS R27 Cha, Samuel
1 14
50779 TU B03 MWF 4:00p-4:50p RCLAS R27 Cha, Samuel
1 14
FI 12/09/2021 Th 3:00p-5:59p RCLAS R19  

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