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Linguistics/Heritage Languages (LIHL )

As of: 03/03/2024, 02:05:00

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132F Adv Filipino/Filipino Spkrs
It is highly recommended that students enroll in Heritage Language classes no later than Week 1
Language courses may be taken three (3) times for credit as topics vary each quarter (Fall (F) Winter (W) - Spring (P)).
Each level may be taken three times. Once each in fall, winter and spring for credit as topics vary.
More information: http://bit.ly/HLP-courses
132F Adv Filipino/Filipino Spkrs ( 4 Units)
Prerequisites  |  Resources |  Evaluations
215038 LE A00 TuTh 12:30p-1:50p HSS 1106B Pagkalinawan, Leticia Cant
FI 12/15/2023 F 11:30a-2:29p HSS 1106B  

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