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Linguistics/Italian (LIIT )

As of: 04/01/2024, 02:47:00

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1AX Analysis of Italian
It is highly recommended that students enroll in Linguistics Language classes no later than Week 1. More information: http://bit.ly/LLP-courses

Note: Students must enroll concurrently in BOTH Conversation (MWF) and Analysis (TuTh) courses in order to receive credit for the course level.

Only students with no prior study of this language may take and get credit for 1A/1AX. All others must take the online Language Placement Test at https://lang.ucsd.edu/llp/
1AX Analysis of Italian ( 2.5 Units)
Prerequisites  |  Resources |  Evaluations
226521 DI A00 TuTh 8:00a-9:20a HSS 1305 Carnelos, Chiara
5 28
FI 12/12/2023 Tu 8:00a-10:59a HSS 1305  

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