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Upper-division History lecture courses (100-159) are open to any student who has taken 90 units OR has taken a one-quarter HILD course, OR one quarter of the following college writing courses HUM1-5: MCWP 40, 41, 50, or 125: DOC 1-3: WCWP10A or 10B: MMW11-15, 21, or 22: or CAT 1-3. If you fit these criteria but have trouble registering, or if you have questions about whether you qualify, please contact historyundergrad@ucsd.edu.

History of Europe (HIEU )

As of: 10/12/2015, 01:49:00

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161 Topics in Roman History
In order to enroll in this colloquium, please email the professor for the approval. Once you have the approval, then please forward that email to historyundergrad@ucsd.edu, including your PID number, and we will clear you to enroll.
161 Topics in Roman History ( 4 Units)
The Final Pagan Generation
Prerequisites  |  Resources |  Evaluations
836518 SE A00 W 9:00a-11:50a HSS 5086 Watts, Edward J.
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