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Computer Science & Engineering

CSE CONTACT: CSE Advisors at csestudent@eng.ucsd.edu, CSE Building Room 1200. / Check your @ucsd.edu email for course and enrollment announcements. Exceptions will not be made for students who fail to receive or read their UCSD email. / PREREQUISITES ARE ENFORCED IN ALL COURSES: For additional prerequisite information, visit the Courses Pages for Undergraduate Education: http://cse.ucsd.edu/undergraduate/courses

Data Science and Engineering (DSE )

As of: 10/15/2019, 02:09:00

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230 Data Anl Using Hadoop & Spark ( 4 Units)
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964052 LE A00 S 9:00a-5:00p OTRSN 1S113 Freund, Yoav
7 40

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