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Japanese Studies Program

Japanese Studies (JAPN )

As of: 10/09/2023, 02:12:00

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20C Second Year Japanese III
If you have been exposed to the Japanese language, you must take an online placement test (SPOT) in order to enroll in to an appropriate JAPN course for your current Japanese proficiency skills. Go to our website (http://japan.ucsd.edu/language/index.html) for the URL and instructions.
20C Second Year Japanese III ( 5 Units)
Prerequisites  |  Resources |  Evaluations
LE B00 TuTh 11:00a-12:20p WLH 2208 Takeda, Izumi
132890 TU B01 MWF 11:00a-11:50a MANDE B-152 Takeda, Izumi
2 13
132892 TU B02 MWF 12:00p-12:50p MANDE B-146 Takeda, Izumi
FI 06/13/2023 Tu 11:30a-2:29p WLH 2208  

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