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Mathematics (MATH )

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Prerequisites are strictly enforced for all Math courses. For more information, please refer to the UCSD Course Catalog.

Entering students must take the Math Placement Exam (MPE) prior to registration unless they have one of the following: appropriate score on an AP calculus AB or BC exam: appropriate score on the SAT II Math Level 2 exam: appropriate score on the IB Higher Level Math exam: credit by means of a foreign exam (e.g. GCE): transferable college credit in Calculus.

Please note: Transferable pre-calculus courses DO NOT satisfy any UCSD math course prerequisites.

For information on the Math Placement Exam go to the Math Testing and Placement website.

For a list of transfer-equivalent math courses offered at California community colleges, CSUs, and other UC campuses, please visit the following website: Transfer Equivalencies .

For a list of current and upcoming planned course offerings, please visit COURSE OFFERINGS.

Students with questions about their lower-division textbooks should go to: Textbook Information . MATLAB COURSES:
Math 20D and 18 have a lab component using computer software (MATLAB) to further explore the material and applications of topics in class. For information please go to:

Math 20D
Math 18

For any questions please use the Virtual Advising Center.
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Available Limit
180A Introduction to Probability
Completion of or concurrent enrollment in MATH 109 is strongly recommended for MATH 180A.
Two units of credit offered for MATH 180A if ECON 120A taken previously, no credit offered for MATH 180A if ECON 120A is taken concurrently. Students will earn two units of credit offered for MATH 180A if MATH 183 or 186 taken previously or concurrently.
180A Introduction to Probability ( 4 Units)
Prerequisites  |  Resources |  Evaluations
LE A00 MWF 3:00p-3:50p MOS 0113 Carfagnini, Marco
142957 DI A01 Th 10:00a-10:50a HSS 4025 Carfagnini, Marco
143053 DI A02 Th 11:00a-11:50a HSS 4025 Carfagnini, Marco
143055 DI A03 Th 12:00p-12:50p HSS 4025 Carfagnini, Marco
1 39
143057 DI A04 Th 1:00p-1:50p HSS 4025 Carfagnini, Marco
5 39
198008 DI A05 Th 3:00p-3:50p APM B412 Carfagnini, Marco
3 39
198633 DI A06 Th 4:00p-4:50p APM 7321 Carfagnini, Marco
5 39
FI 06/14/2023 W 3:00p-5:59p MOS 0113  

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