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The Literature Department teaches courses in literatures from many areas of the world. World literature courses taught in English translation may be found under the following subject headings:
LTAF (Literature/African)
LTAM (Literature of the Americas)
LTEA (Literatures/East Asian)
LTEU (Literature/European & Eurasian)
LTNE (Literature/Near Eastern)
LTWL (Literatures of the World)
Please see the department for more information.

Literatures in English (LTEN )

As of: 08/01/2007, 00:30:00

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181 Asian American Literature ( 4 Units)
Prerequisites  |  Resources |  Evaluations
582391 LE A00 TuTh 2:00p-3:20p CSB 004 Yoneyama, Lisa
10 40
Subtitle: Yellow Peril & Asian/American Response
FI 03/22/2007 Th 3:00p-5:59p CSB 004  

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