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Physics (PHYS )

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Students who enroll in any of the following courses will be charged a lab fee which will be assessed at the time of registration: PHYS 1BL ($3), PHYS 1CL ($7), PHYS 2CL ($5), PHYS 2DL ($25), PHYS 120 ($25), PHYS 122 ($25), PHYS 124 ($25), PHYS 133 ($50)
As of: 07/01/2019, 02:46:00

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239 Special Topics ( 4 Units)
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964695 LE A00 TuTh 9:30a-10:50a MYR-A 5623 Abarbanel, Henry Don Isaac
5 10
Nonlinear Dynamics of Physical and Biological Systems For more information, go to: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15gA1gOETNRrj9D3hm_Pje AHvrCVNz0X1
FI 03/19/2019 Tu 8:00a-10:59a MYR-A 5623  

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