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Prerequisites are enforced in all courses. For information on new ECON courses and changes to the current catalog, please see: http://economics.ucsd.edu/ugrad/ugradCourses/descriptio ns.php

Economics (ECON )

As of: 04/18/2024, 04:47:00

Course Number Section ID
Meeting Type
Section Days Time Building & Room
Instructor Seats  
Available Limit
136 Human Resources ( 4 Units)
Prerequisites  |  Resources |  Evaluations
333617 LE B00 TuTh 5:00p-6:20p CSB 001 Betts, Julian
29 50
MI 01/30/2024 Tu 8:00p-9:50p TBA TBA  
MI 02/20/2024 Tu 8:00p-9:50p TBA TBA  
FI 03/16/2024 S 8:00a-10:59a TBA TBA  

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